Separator Film Thickness Online Measure and Control System

Separator Film Thickness Online Measure and Control System

Brief Introduction

The thickness of the separator film can be measured by X-ray and beta rays. X-ray technology is widely used because of its green concept, beta rays have radiation protection problems, need to go through environmental protection approval procedures.


Technical characteristics

- The guide rail, bearing and driving gear are imported, the frame adopts automatic welding technology of high strength alloy steel, which is treated by vibration elimination;
- The system adopts German cantilever cabinet structure with flexible operation, compact structure and delicate appearance;
- The electric control parts adopt imported precision speed control parts, the probe data processing adopts the intelligent scanning data high speed comprehensive processing system which is developed specifically by SHUANGYUAN;
- Core parts of the probe are imported from European and American markets, the radioactive source and ionisation chamber has unique structure to achieve dust control by vortex flow. The precision and stability of the probe reach the standard of the measuring instrument by using the precision thermostat technology of the preamplifier probe and the internal calibration technology of the weight type.