Coating and Material Composition Test System

Coating and Material Composition Test System

Brief Introduction

SY-CTS Coating Test System provides accurate detection of coating weight for sheet.


1. O–H for Moisture & Alcohol

2. C–H for Oils, Fats, Adhesives & Plastics

3. N–H for Proteins, Ammonia & Amines

The above three kinds of chemical bond almost cover all the coatings .


Technical Capablity

SY-CTS adopts the core part of infrared detection which is originated from USA, with the advantages of stable operation and high precision. SY-CTS with Shuangyuan Technology’s scanning platform and software for display, the customer could monitor the whole coating process. According to the coater’s principal, SY-CTS could provide CD/MD motor or pneumatic actuators for coating uniformity.


Simulator Diagram