Plastic Film Thickness Online Measure and Control System

Plastic Film Thickness Online Measure and Control System

Brief Introduction

X-ray, beta ray or nfrared sensor is adopted, using the principle of ray penetration attenuation or infrared reflection, to achieve the online detection of the thickness of various types of plastic film.

Among them, X-ray sensor has national environmental protection exemption, which needs no application and filing. It is suitable for continuous film production line with the maximum width of 10m, the maximum speed of 1500m/min, and the film thickness range of 1μm~100mm.


Technical characteristics

- Real-time detection of CD & MD thickness of the film, the system will alarm if the preset value is exceeded;
- Provide the CD & MD curves of the film and related graphic statements for easy query;
- Data can be accessed into the customer's automatic control system through TCP/IP, OPC, Ethernet and other ports;
- The system can be used with automatic adjustment die head to achieve automatic control of film production online thickness.