Print Defects Online Inspection System

Print Defects Online Inspection System

Brief introduction

Advanced full-color CCD camera is adopted, by the comparison with standard images, the printing quality defects of all kinds of printing products can be detected online.
It is suitable for printing equipment of web materials, such as gravure printing, flexo printing, etc.
It can detect printing quality defects such as wrong printing, missing printing, overprinting, cutting line, dragging ink and deinking, as well as foreign defects such as ink spots, dirty spots, plate stains and flying insects.


Technical characteristics

- Online intelligent detection of printing defects and real-time alarm;
- Determine the location of defects online and provide the quality information of each cutting coil;
- The system can be equipped with rewinding detection and elimination machine to eliminate serious defects accurately and efficiently;
- Remote control function: easily remote monitoring of on-site data and timely adjustment of field conditions.