Plastic Film Defect Online Inspection System

Plastic Film Defect Online Inspetion System

Brief Introduction

SYWIS is a web inspection system for on-line detection, identification, and visualization of surface defects. Industrial CCD camera is used to detect the defects of various plastic films on line.

The system is suitable for: 1. Most of the film production processes, including casting, blow molding, composite, etc; 2. Most of the film varieties, including but not limited to PP, PE, PET, EVA, PVB, PA, PVDF, aluminum plating, lithium battery separator and other composite films.

It can detect various kinds of defects in the film production process in real time, such as holes, crystal spots, fish eyes, bubbles, folding, scratches, abrasions and other quality problems, as well as foreign pollution such as flies, foreign matter, oil stains, black spots, hairs, fibers and so on.


Technical characteristics

- On-line intelligent measurement of the quality of non-woven fabrics;
- Online virtual slitting function provides quality information for each slitting volume;
- External control equipment such as labeling machine can be used to eliminate serious defects accurately and efficiently;
- Remote control function: easily remote monitoring of on-site data and timely adjustment of field conditions.