Non-woven Basis Weight & Moisture Online Inspection System

Non-woven Basis Weight & Moisture Online Inspection System

Brief Introduction

β-ray /X-ray is optional, easily meets the challenge of multi-variety and multi-process applications. Dispense with administrative licensing, X-ray is convenient and efficient for customer. Real-time on line inspection, automatic alarm once the deviation beyond the range. Chinese-English shift software interface based on Windows OS can make connection with other system such as ERP through TCP/IP, OPC or Ethernet.


Technical characteristics

- The guide way, synchronous belt, drag chain, cables and bearings are imported from European;
- Automatic compensating function of guide way;
- No-dusty scanner always keep your products in clean;
- X-ray/β-ray sensor is optional according to different material;
- All the sensors are imported or assembly of imported.